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Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental4 weeks ago
Assisting our fiends at #sluniversal with Cell Phone Antenna upgrades. 🏗️ 📱
Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental1 month ago
One of our long-time operators is dealing with some medical issues that will keep him out of work for a few months. Any donations will help. If anyone knows Matt, they would know he would be one of the first to help someone in need!!
Matt is a Awesome Father, Awesome Friend, & Awesome Operator!!
Get well soon!!!

Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental2 months ago
Proud to be a part of this amazing job!!!! New Phillies score board!! 🏗️ ⚾️ #Phillies
Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental3 years ago
Happy Labor Day to all of our operators, truck drivers & mechanics. Yes it’s doesn’t hurt showing up with the cleanest & most up to date fleet in the area, but it’s all of you that sets us far apart from the competition! Thank you for making us the best in the business!!
Of course, we couldn’t forget to wish our customers a happy Labor Day! It’s because of your support and loyalty over the years that has let us grown into being the #1 crane company in the Eastern Pa, New Jersey & Delaware!!
Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental3 years ago
Sautter Crane forges on during these tough times.
We are feeling the same uncertainty as everybody else, but we understand that some of your businesses have to continue on, and we wanted you to know that we are here by your side ready to support you!!

Since we are considered a service company we can work for anyone that falls under each states essential list. So in a nut shell , if you can work than we can provide you with the same reliable service that everyone is accustomed to.

That being said we are going to take every precaution to make sure your employees are safe and healthy when our crane shows up on your job sites. Safety have always been the highest priority but now we have taken extra measures for this invisible monster. You already know that you never get a dirty crane when we show up and this is even more true now. Just like everyone else we are telling our operators to stay home if even a little sick, and to practice good hygiene and do your best to stay 6ft away from each other.

By now all of you probably know that we are fully operational at our newest yard in Delaware.
36 Brookhill Drive Newark DE 19072.
So we are ready to support you there too!

Good luck and please take care of you and your families!!!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out on your next crane, rigging , storage & trucking needs.

Hydraulic Cranes up to 600ton (700ton coming in 2021)
Crawler Cranes up to 330ton
Boom Trucks up to 23ton
Sautter Crane Rental
Sautter Crane Rental3 years ago
Last weekend we had the pleasure of helping the areas #1 sports talk radio station set up their satellite dishes at their new location down at the Aramark Building -2400 Market.
Best of luck in your new studios!!
It’s was a tight fit but we made it work with our 330ton LTM1300-6.2 . We didn’t have room to swing the jib so we had to send one of our boom trucks down to help to get the jib out.